Akercocke Complete Pack - All 3 CDs + T-shirt

Akercocke Complete Pack - All 3 CDs + T-shirt
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"Antichrist" Ltd Edition Super Jewel Case

Britains finest return in malicious form with their ultimate mission statement: Antichrist.

Already causing a stir in Northern Ireland and the US with priests up in arms and printing presses downing tools Antichrist has already made it mark where many lesser 'Satanic" bands falter and that is before it has even been heard! And with the pairing of sonic opposites - primeval, guttural Death metal typified by the band's early releases - and progressive rock inspired explorations from the last album - are fused into musical alchemy, creating some of Akercocke's most daring moments, but also there most stark and brutal.

Not only does the stylish Superjewel case edition comes in a form of suave and sophisticated packaging appropriate for these fine English gentleman, but it is the only place you will hear Akercocke's covers of 2 Death Metal classics from Morbid Angel and Death.

Track listing:

01. Black Messiah
02. Summon the Antichrist
03. Axiom
04. The Promise
05. My Apterous Angel
06. Distant Fires Reflect in the Eyes of Satan
07. Man Without Faith or Trust
08. The Dark Inside
09. Footsteps Resound in an Empty Chapel
10. Epode
11. Chapel of Ghouls (Morbid Angel cover version)
12. Leprosy (Death cover version)

Choronzon - This time round, Akercocke have had enough time and financial clout to deliver the album they've been threatening to make all along. And it's absolutely fukking magnificent. It's time to put all those long-held prejudices about death and black metal aside.

Track Listing
1. Praise The Name Of Satan
2. Prince Of The North
3. Leviathan
4. Enraptured By Evil
5. Choronzon
6. Valley Of The Crucified
7. Bathykolpian Avatar
8. Upon Coriacious Wings
9. Scapegoat
10. Son Of The Morning
11. Becoming The Adversary
12. Goddess Flesh

Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone - Pursuing their own distinct path has led Akercocke to their watershed moment with 'Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone". Embracing both classic Death Metal harshness and expansive rock flourishes, the band have built upon the style that defined them on previous releases. No other extreme act has connected their look and sound so uniquely, and now no other extreme act has so successfully merged an overtly Satanic approach with such a daring, forward thinking sound.

Track Listing
01. Verdelet
02. Seduced
03. Shelter from the Sand
04. Eyes of the Dawn
05. Dying in the Sun
06. Words That Go Unspoken (Part 1)
07. Intractable (Words That Go Unspoken Part 2)
08. Seraphs and Silence
09. The Penance
10. Lex Talionis

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