Ultraviolence "Psychodrama" CD

Ultraviolence "Psychodrama" CD
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A crazed dance floor filler of a record that combines pure noise and mayhem with well thought out lyrical content and a hearty groove. With memorable titles such as 'Pimp' and 'The Reject' be sure to check it out! "One of the most uniquely gifted hardcore techno acts" said M8 Magazine.

1. Birth / Jessica
2. The Reject
3. Disco Boyfriend
4. Pimp
5. Psychodrama
6. Birth/Hitman
7. Stone Faced
8. Murder Academy
9. Hitman's Heart
10. Contract
11. Lovers
12. Suicide Pact
13. God's Mistake
14. Searching Hell
15. Heaven is Oblivion

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