Johnny Violent "Shocker" 2CD

Johnny Violent "Shocker" 2CD
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The closest the Ultraviolence mainman got to a brainless gabba LP - albeit with tongue firmly in cheek. Deliciously OTT effort featuring "E-headz Must Die" and the world record BPM attempt "Burn Out".

Track Listing
1. 2 Kicks for Yes
2. E Heads Must Die
3. North Korea Goes Bang
4. Gotterdammerung
5. Destructor Lives
6. Us Intervention
7. The Hardest Gabba
8. Kamikaze (Violent)
9. I'm Gonna Fuck You
10. Imploding Head
11. Happy Birthday
12. Johnny Is a Bastard
13. Pull the Trigger
14. Burn Out
15. DJ Mix Set

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