Painkiller "Guts Of A Virgin" CD

Painkiller "Guts Of A Virgin" CD
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Maverick jazz saxophonist John Zorn teamed up with Mick Harris on drums and Bill Laswell on bass to churn out a grinding noise fest in the Earache tradition on "Guts Of A Virgin".

Track Listing

1 Scud Attack (3:07)
2. Deadly Obstacle Collage (0:19)
3. Damage To The Mask (2:40)
4. Guts Of A Virgin (1:15)
5. Handjob(0:10)
6. Portent (4:06)
7. Hostage (2:23)
8. Lathe Of God (0:53)
9. Dr. Phibes (3:07)
10. Purgatory Of Fiery Vulvas (0:24)
11. Warhead (1:16)
12. Devils Eye (4:35)

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