Negura Bunget "Zirnindu-Sa" 2 CD

Negura Bunget "Zirnindu-Sa" 2 CD
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On their debut album Negura Bunget celebrate furious and archaic Black Metal with ornate drumming and raging guitars. "Zîrnindu-Sã" is an exemplary black metal release and still represents the pinnacle of Negurã Bunget's back catalogue for many a fan. As a bonus this re-release contains an unreleased alternative recording of the entire album. 1. Blãznit 2. Negrii 3. În Miaz dă Negru 4. Dîn Afundul Adîncului Întrupat 5. Pohvala Hulă 6. De Rece Sîngie 7. Dupre Reci Îmbre 8. Vel Proclet

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