Negura Bunget "Sala Molksa" 2 CD

Negura Bunget "Sala Molksa" 2 CD
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Whereas "Zîrnindu-Sã" already foreshadowed the enormous potential of Negura Bunget, the band taps its full potential on "Sala Molksa" for the first time. "Sala Molksa" offers very original symphonic Black Metal, prone to complex arrangements - a must for black metal fans with an appreciation for the adventurous and out of the ordinary. As a bonus this re-release contains an unreleased alternative recording of the entire EP. 1. Intro: Vînt dã Rãu Pîn Valea Iadului 2. Şuier de Şolomonar 3. Sala Molksa - Chanelling Through Art Immortal 4. Dîn Afundul Adînculu Întrupat 5. Outro: Vînt dă Rău

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