Lawnmower Deth "Billy" Vinyl LP

Lawnmower Deth "Billy" Vinyl LP
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1993 and The Deth turned their hand to snub-nosed poppy-punk on their final album with amazingly proficient results.Stand out songs like "Do You Wanna Be Chuffed-Core" and "Somebody Call Me A Taxi" will drive ya mad with their daft-as-a-brush but catchy-as-hell choruses, as well as covers Of Squeezes "Up The Junction" and Kim Wildes "Kids In America" all done in a Deth styleee.... Like Greenday? Offspring? - its all here in abundance but remember this was released a full year before "Dookie" and "Smash"....Billy is a timeless UK pop-punk classic and will totally surprise you...10 years later we are still wondering why wasnt this band massive? ??!?br>

Track Listing
1. Somebody, Call Me a Taxi - 1:56
2. Billy - 2:22
3. I Need to Be Your Main Squeeze - 3:17
4. Do You Wanna Be a Chuffed Core? - 1:33
5. Buddy Holly Never Wrote a Song Called... - 3:26
6. Up the Junction - 2:26
7. If If Was Grey, Youd Say Its Black - 2:59
8. Stomach Gout/I Narcissus - 3:53
9. Kids in America (93) - 2:30
10. March of the Dweebs - 3:17
11. A Funny Thing About It Is - 4:19
12. Purple Haze - 1:18

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