Var. "Next Gen Tour" VHS Video Cassette Tape

Var. "Next Gen Tour" VHS Video Cassette Tape
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Full live sets from the Next Gen Tour, recorded live from the legendary London Astoria on January 10th, 1998.


1. Betrayal
2. Control
3. Flesh
4. Loaded
5. Drown
6. Hippy Fascist

Janus Stark

1. Enemy Lines
2. Panic Attack
3. Clique
4. White Man Speak With Fork Tongue
5. Floyd (What Are You On?)
6. Dynamo
7. Every Little Thing Counts

Misery Loves Co.

1. Them Nails
2. A Million Lies
3. It's All Yours
4. Sonic Attack
5. Prove Me Wrong
6. Kiss Your Boots
7. Feed The Creep
8. My Mind Still Speaks

Dub War

1. Greedee
2. Enemy Maker
3. Nar Say A Ting
4. Strike It
5. Silencer
6. Mental
7. Killing A Sound
8. Million Dollar Love
9. Pain
10. Over Now

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