Var. "Chop Off Your Own Head" CD/DVD

Var. "Chop Off Your Own Head" CD/DVD
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Awesome new compilation from the Earache roster. Includes exclusive new Deicide advance track! Featuring 17 audio tracks on CD, 19 video clips on DVD and a bonus PC demo of the upcoming ‘Earache: Extreme Metal Racing’ PS2 game. CD features the totally unreleased track ‘Homage for Satan’ from the new Deicide album ‘The Stench of Redemption’ released on August 21, plus killer tracks from the likes of Decapitated, Akercocke, Cult of Luna and Municipal Waste.

DVD features many unreleased video clips including Mortiis, Biomechanical, Morbid Angel, The Haunted and The Berzerker. PC demo contains an advance demo version of the upcoming Earache racing game ‘Earache: Extreme Metal Racing’, featuring Biomechanical and Akercocke playable team cars, on one sample racing track, with music from both acts as soundtrack.

CD Tracklist:
01. DEICIDE – Homage For Satan (666 Mix) 3.59*** unreleased advance
02. DECAPITATED - Day 69 3.12
03. AKERCOCKE - Verdelet 4.45
04. CULT OF LUNA - Back to Chapel Town 7.09
05. EPHEL DUATH - Crystalline Whirl 4.51
06. MORTIIS - Way to Wicked (Absinthium Mix) 4.29
07. THE BERZERKER - Committed to Nothing 2.37
08. ANATA - Better Grieved Than Fooled 5.57
09. URKRAFT - The Inhuman Aberration 4.41
10. LINEA 77 - Charon 3.12
11. BIOMECHANICAL - Existenz 4.55
12. MUNICIPAL WASTE - Set to Destruct 2.01
13. SEVERE TORTURE - Sawn Off 4.14
14. BLOOD RED THRONE - Mephitication 4.37
15. NEURAXIS - Shatter the Wisdom 4.27
16. MISTRESS - At Arms Length 2.40
17. CROWPATH - Chased, Caught and Charged 2.44

Advance PC demo version of the upcoming PlayStation 2 Earache racing game!

DVD Tracklist:
02. HATE ETERNAL ‘Powers That Be’
03. DEICIDE ‘Scars Of The Crucifix’
04. LINEA 77 ‘Fantasma’
05. CULT OF LUNA ‘Leave Me Here’
06. MORTIIS ‘Decadent And Desperate (absentia)’
07. SHORTIE ‘Truth’
08. MUNICIPAL WASTE ‘Unleash The Bastards’
09. BIOMECHANICAL ‘The Empires Of The Worlds’
10. BEECHER ‘Function! Function!’
11. EWIGKEIT ‘It's Not Reality’
12. THE BERZERKER ‘All About You’
13. ADEMA ‘Tornado ‘
14. ADDICTION CREW ‘What About’
15. MORBID ANGEL ‘Enshrined by Grace’
16. AKERCOCKE ‘Leviathan’
17. SOCIETY 1 ‘Hate’
18. WITH PASSION ‘Train Wreck Orchestra’
19. USURPER ‘Kill For Metal’

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