Farmakon "A Warm Glimpse" CD

Farmakon "A Warm Glimpse" CD
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This debut from Finlands answer to OPETH is a real gem. Opening with the frantic riffing of 'Loosely of Amoebas', the album takes twists and turns through chaotic death metal blasting to thoughtful acoustic passages and heading straight on into a funk metal explosion, much akin to Mr.Bungle. Sharing the roster with labelmates such as RAKOTH and EPHEL DUATH, Farmakon fit right in. Feel the Prog Power!

Track listing:

1. Loosely Of Amoebas
2. My Sanctuary In Solitude
3. Mist
4. Stretching Into Me
5. Same
6. Flowgrasp
7. Flavoured Numerology
8. Pearl Of My Suffering
9. Wallgarden

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